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The research I conducted during my master at the University of Tokyo had for objective the simulation of the movement of large pedestrian crowds. The main result of this work is the design of a collision avoidance algorithm which realistically models the behavior of pedestrians.

Here is the abstract of my thesis:

We present an original algorithm to model the collision avoidance behavior of pedestrians. This method is based on a representation of trajectories in (x,y,t) space. The trajectories of the pedestrians to avoid  are represented in this space and each agent selects his future movements to avoid collisions, minimizing detouring and speed variation. 
This algorithm was implemented in a simulation of pedestrian behavior. We tuned the parameters of the model using several test situations, and we made a comparison with real-world data. Although a strictly quantitative evaluation is difficult to make, the simulated behavior appeared realistic.

The main results of this study are summarized here:
   - html format
   - pdf format (144 KB)

You can also download the complete thesis if you need all the details:
   - pdf format (740 KB)