About Tsuruoka Laboratory

Tsuruoka laboratory is afficliated with University of Tokyo, Information and Communication Engineering department under the Information Science and Technology graduate school.

The two main topics covered in the laboratory consist of Natural Language Processing and Game AI, however other topics are permitted and exploring topics the students care about is encouraged.

We like having a multi-cultural lab enviroment and have lab members and staff from different countries including Japan, China, Latvia, Thailand, Tunisia and hopefully more in the future!

Professor and researchers

Tsuruoka Yoshimasa


Research topics include Natural Language Processing, Text Mining from biomedical data, artificial intelligence in games, deep learning and electric vehicles in the past.

Matiss Ritkers

Post Doctorate researcher

My field of study is natural language processing and, in particular, machine translation (MT). The topic of my thesis was MT system combination, but apart from that I’ve also done work on neural MT and multi-word expressions in MT. In my spare time I ride bicycles, swim, run, take photos, and do small software and hardware hacking projects. I also like technology and gadgets, rock music, Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards, anime and traveling.

Toshiaki Nakazawa


His research interests center on natural language processing, particularly language resource construction, linguistically motivated machine translation and NLP tools in human activities.

Master's 2nd year students

加納 由希夫

Kano Yukio

Interested in Roguelike game AI. This is my favorite stuffed cat!

張 昊宇

Zhang Yu

My research field is training agent to solve problem of game. Especially, I focus on solve card game with imperfect information. I am also very interested in real time strategy game. In my spare time I'd like to go to gym and play games. I also like science, technology, and anime.

彭 来鸽

Peng Laige

My research field is deep reinforcement learning in games, specifically in the game of Minecraft. I focus on agent control, policy decision and sample efficiency. In my sparse time, I play smart phone games, enjoy anime and I also like traveling and music. I like RADWIMPS and SEKAI NO OWARI.

安井 豪

Yasui Go

My research interests are language generation and application of reinforcement learning in NLP. More specifically, I am interested in evaluating the model output using setting-specific criteria that are not always differentiable. My favourite vegetable is tomato and my least favourite is bitter melon.

李 桐

Li Tong

Yet another student who is interested in natural language processing! I am working on Visual Commonsense Reasoning particularly, a task to find answers and rationales to tough questions by combining information from both images and texts. I am also a strong advocate of free and open-source software and has done several projects for communities such as Debian and FreeBSD. Other than programming, I play games, ride bicycles, run (kind of), and start to play Kendo recently.

李 凌寒

Ri Ryokan

NLP enthusiast. My research interest is multilingual NLP and word/sentence embedding, specifically, how we can obtain language agnostic meaning representation. In my spare time, I enjoy playing music; I’ve recently been struggling with Jazz piano.

Master's 1st year students

米田 昌弘

Komeda Masahiro

(Currently taking a gap year)

古川 好

Furukawa Ko

I am majoring in Natural Language Processing, and I am particularly interested in sentence generation. I like playing games and reading books..

余 海瀚

Yu Haihan

I am interested in natural language processing, currently I am working on abstractive summary. Other than research, I am also a keen runner.

トリシティショーク タサバット

Trisitichoke Tasavat

Interested in Grounded Language Understanding.

鄧 一凡

Deng Yifan

I am currently interested in neural language style transfer. In my spare time, I am interested in anything that is not too simple.

宮崎 広夢

Miyazaki Hiromu

My field of research is Natural Language Processing (NLP). Particulary, I'm intrerested in research about source code (such as Python or C). The technologies around Web services also attract my interest. My hobby is playing games and watching anime.

Undergraduate Students

于 天帥

Yu Tianshuai

I'm interested in reinforcement learning and I'm currently doing research about generalization in reinforcement learning. In my spare time, I usually video games. I play a wide range of games, but my favorite genre is RPG.

川島 丸生

Kawashima Maruki

I'm currently interested in Meta-Reinforcement Learning. In my spare time, I like to make things with electronic work, watch anime and play games.

中村 朝陽

Nakamura Tomoaki

My field of research is natural language processing. I’m interested in machine translation, summarization, and language understanding. I like to watch CG artworks like motion graphics and typographies. Also, I sometimes create them for my club activity (a drama club) using software like Blender and AfterEffects.

西川 荘介

Nishikawa Sosuke

Currently I am interested in Neural Machine Translation. I like watching anime, reading manga and singing. I also like sports such as basketball, badminton and so on. I belong to an a cappella club and I often hold lives. Please come see our live show!!

橋本 大世

Hashimoto Taisei

I am majoring in Reinforcement Learning, and I am particularly interested in efficient exploration methods. I like to ride a bicycle and watch TV dramas.

Research Students

ベン リム ウイエム

Ben Rim Wiem

I am currently interested in Neural Machine Translation. In my spare time, I like to travel, read science fiction books and play the guitar.

Previous Members