About Tsuruoka Laboratory

Tsuruoka laboratory is afficliated with University of Tokyo, Information and Communication Engineering department under the Information Science and Technology graduate school.

The two main topics covered in the laboratory consist of Natural Language Processing and Game AI, however other topics are permitted and exploring topics the students care about is encouraged.

We like having a multi-cultural lab enviroment and have lab members and staff from different countries including Japan, China, Latvia, Thailand, Tunisia and hopefully more in the future!

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Professor and Researchers

Tsuruoka Yoshimasa


Research topics include Natural Language Processing, Text Mining from biomedical data, artificial intelligence in games, deep learning and electric vehicles in the past.

Toshiaki Nakazawa


His research interests center on natural language processing, particularly language resource construction, linguistically motivated machine translation and NLP tools in human activities.

Third Year Doctoral Students

安井 豪

Yasui Go

My research interests are language generation and application of reinforcement learning in NLP. More specifically, I am interested in evaluating the model output using setting-specific criteria that are not always differentiable. My favourite vegetable is tomato and my least favourite is bitter melon.

李 凌寒

Ri Ryokan

NLP enthusiast. My research interest is multilingual NLP and word/sentence embedding, specifically, how we can obtain language agnostic meaning representation. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking; I’ve recently been struggling with Mabo-Dofu.

First Year Doctoral Students

吴 奇宇

Wu Qiyu

I am interested in NLP and Data Mining. I enjoy a slow-paced life. I like casually photographing, singing, reading novels, and watching movies to kill time. My favorite foods are hot-pot and barbecue.

綿引 隼人

Watahiki Hayato

I'm interested in reinforcement learning, especially model-based RL, hierarchical RL and state representation learning.

王 冠権

Wang Guanquan

I am interested in reinforcement learning, especially offline RL. I like to play table tennis.

Second Year Master's Students

海野 良介

Unno Ryosuke

I`m currently intersted in reinforcement learning. I like to play video games on my day off.

中田 惇貴

Nakata Atsuki

I am interested in reinforcement learning. I like to play video games and read comics.

阿久井 駿

Akui Shun

I am mainly interested in NLP. I like to listen to music and play music instruments.

First Year Master's Students

岩瀬 諒

Ryo Iwase

Because I have been interested in reinforcement learning, I joined this lab. I like playing games and running.

苗 中濤

Miao Zhongtao

I am interested in Natural Language Processing and I like reading manga books in my leisure.

趙 開顔

Zhao Kaiyan

I am interested in Natural Processing Language and I like playing RPG games and eating while walking.

Undergraduate Students

大神 卓也

Takuya Ogami

I am interested in Reinforcement learning and Game AI. I like mahjong and playing badminton.

大矢 一穂

Ichiho Oya

I am interested in both reinforcement learning and Natural Language Processing. I like playing mahjong and watching livestream.

加賀谷 昂輝

Koki Kagaya

I'm getting interseted in Game AI because of Shogi AI, and I joined this lab. I like board game and roguelike game.

岩佐 拓真

Takuma Iwasa

I am interested in Game AI. I like playing simulation games.

Research and Visiting Students

Previous Members