About Tsuruoka Laboratory

Tsuruoka laboratory is afficliated with University of Tokyo, Information and Communication Engineering department under the Information Science and Technology graduate school.

The two main topics covered in the laboratory consist of Natural Language Processing and Game AI, however other topics are permitted and exploring topics the students care about is encouraged.

We like having a multi-cultural lab enviroment and have lab members and staff from different countries including Japan, China, Latvia, Thailand, Tunisia and hopefully more in the future!

Previous Members

Name Class Account
Nishikawa Sosuke Bachelor Student sousuke
Nakamura Tomoaki Bachelor Student nakam
Kawashima Maruki Bachelor Student kawashima
Li Tong Master Student litnog
Peng Laige Master Student penglaige
Zhang Yu Master Student zhanghaoyu
Kano Yukio Master Student kano
Ben Rim Wiem Research Student wiem
Wang Wangjie Doctoral Student wang-wj
Eriguchi Akiko Doctoral Student eriguchi
Kameko Hirotaka Doctoral Student kameko
Hashimoto Kazuma Doctoral Student hassy
Mizukami Naoki Doctoral Student mizukami
Ogimoto, Takahiro Master Student ougimoto
Kinugawa, Kazutaka Master Student kinugawa
Taguchi, Naoya Master Student guchio
Xu, Yang Master Student yangxu
Kawamura, Keigo Master Student kkawamura
Mizutani, Yota Master Student mizutani
Marquez, Marta Master Student ---
Eto, Ryo Undergraduate Student eto
Fujimoto, Kaiyu Undergraduate Student kfujimoto